Requiem For Alice in Wonderland
Prim and proper little lady,
She's her Daddy's little girl.
Always smiling, always happy,
In that perfect little world.

Yes sir, no sir, if you please,
Tell them what they want to hear.
Everybody calls her "Sunshine."
They say she's such a little dear...

Pretty toys and pretty clothes,
Just pretend it doesn't matter.
She has everything she never wanted,
served upon a silver platter.

Could it have been a mere illusion?
Was it just a masquerade?
Was she a fool for never dreaming,
It could ever rain on her parade?

Now the make believe is over,
Lives and dreams began to shatter,
She has everything she ever wanted.
On a brand new silver platter
What a shame it doesn't matter...
By Charlotte Perry
©2015 Charlotte Perry